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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 15:11

Many cool shots by Ryan Phillips, Bob Edwards, Darren Beatty and Marcel Irnie.  Enjoy the 2011 year in review.


"Another elbow down pic for my biggest fan, Eric Dorn...this ones for you buddy."


Onboard GoPro footage, as Devon closes off Marcel entering turn 1 at PIR. 


Irnie placed 3rd in Formula Ultra riding Holmberg's 131rwhp stocker GSX-R 750, racing again competitors with 185+rwhp.  Not bad, for a fast track like Portland.


"A wicked photo by Ryan Phillips.   I love the exhaust 'note."


Irnie wins the Formula Ultra class, riding Holmbergs 2007 GSXR 750 with stock motor.
See video:


"My buddy Reagan Sieg gets wicked air in his backyard in Vernon BC."    See "Livin' the Dream" video.


"Dirtbiking is the best cross-training.   Just don't injure yourself like I did last season."   remember when [video]


When not racing superbikes, Marcel enjoys boating with friends in the Okanagan.   See Off the grid wake-surfing video.


Irnieracing Lee-Ann Parsons photoshoot 2011.


Marcel and Lee-Ann take a break mid shoot.   Check out Irnie's 1994 Miata Rally car being built by Classified Motorsports in Kelowna BC.   Stay tuned for new Rally Vids in 2012.  In the mean time, go 2009 Thunder Bird Rally.


Irnie tests out the Redline stocker R6.  With 110rwhp, and no steering stabilizer, the bike is simply not competitive at the Pro level.  Irnie managed a 4th in 600sb, and 5th in 750sb with a 1.27.290 fastest lap.   Irnie showed what a stock r6 can do, and this helped Redline sell the bike a couple weeks later.


The 08zx6r already looks faster.


Check out the 2011 Center of Gravity Irnieracing Photo Album.   I guarantee you'll love it.


Marcel found 3rd gear.  Still three more to go!   To see the 2010 COG burnout. check out Irnie's 2010 Greatest Hits.


9am:  Irnieracing COG Booth being setup next to the Dirt Zone.  Check out Irnie's COG 750 Bikini vid.


Center of Gravity 2011 Promotional Show.   Check out Irnie's 2010 COG video Part 1.


Irnie wins OMRRA Formula Ultra on a borrowed bike. See Documentary Video.  2008 CBR 1000rr.  This is Irnie's first time on a 1000cc motorcycle, not to mention a Honda.


PIR corner one collects its first victim.  The rain is never easy.   A great equilizer indeed.


Irnie developed a stratagy before the race, and followed it to a tee.  Never showing Alan a wheel, even on the front straight, staying to the far right, as Alan looks back over his left shoulder.   Then lap 10, Irnie passes Alan in corner three, pulls a gap, and wins the race. 


Corner one does it again.  Two crashers wait for Irnie to celebrate his first Pro win.


Irnie follows Alan Schimdt, and Mark Degross follows Irnie, riding the same bike.  The biggest difference being Irnie has only 15 minute rain practice on his borrowed Honda.   Mark has been racing the Honda's for years.   A great handling bike, that can be setup quickly to suit track design.


Irnie follows Alan, and Mark follows very closely, passing here and there.


Irnie pulls away from Degross.


Formula Ultra Saturday.  Starting from the last row, Irnie gets an amazing start, and leads Kevin Pinkstaff exiting turn 4.


Great photo by Ryan Phillips.  Irnie leads the California AFM visitor.


Elbow down is possible on any bike.   See the lower fairing scrapping along.


Can you say GoPro!   Rear cam, forward rear cam, front cam, tripple forward cam, and helmet cam.  Makes for great edits.


Irnie got a great opportunity to borrow the 'For Sale' BuyRedline CBR 1000rr, which has been listed for 10k for six months with no interest..  A week after Marcel won Formula Ultra, the cbr 1000 was sold for 15k to a rich Auzzie, who had to have the winning bike.     Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to increase a bikes worth.   :p


Irnieracing Desktop background for the month of September.  2000 pixels wide.  (right click -save as)


June 25, 2011: Sunny day at Portland International Raceway with the classic 05zx6rr.  Irnie's first racebike, purchased in 2007.


Morning practice appears to be going great.


practice is going so well, Irnie decides to try one hand only.


The first race begins, and Irnie holds off Sam Verderico riding a 2009 zx6r.  Only 4 years newer than Irnie's 05 zx6r, but that doens't deter Irnie from leading the pack.


The 05zx6rr has lots of character after the horrific crash at WMRRA rd 1 with no brakes at 160kmph.


Irnie leg dangles at PIR.  Only person doing the dangle so far.   We might see a few others trying the dangle for 2012?


A near disaster, as Irnie's Fuzimoto re-built motor seizes on the front straight in 6th gear.  Rothenburger nearly hits Irnie, as Irnie lifts his arm to signal following riders.  Certainly a near death experience for both Rothenburger and Irnie.  The fresly rebuilt motor seized because the rod bearings were too tight, with only 0.15mm clearance, according to plastiguage on the remaining rods. All the bearings show signs of being too tight, with wear on the higher surfaces.  A race motor should be run 'loose' to deal with the continous 15,000 rpm.  Not at the manual's minimum reccomended clearance. 


Rod #2 seized, and punched through the motor case, causing a gas fire.  Irnie's bike was on fire!


Fire extinguisher solvent covers the 05zx6rr.   The under-powered 08zx6r comes out to play now.


Irnie's 2008 zlock zx6r has always been down on power.   Not sure what happened to the zlock motor Oli was using at the final WMRRA rd in Oct 2008.  With only 110rwhp using MR12, kit ecu, pc5 tune, and full Hindle exhaust, the bike is 10-15hp shy of the competition.  Oli would have been passed on the front and back straight at Pacific and Portland,  The 07-08 zx6r was kawasaki's most sluggish motor to date, as Kawi's usually dominate the power category.  In 2009 Kawi got it right, with 120rwhp with pipe, and tune, stock motor.  125rwhp with Oxygenated race fuel.


"Having fun with the leg dangle.  Some riders complain it is distracting.   This is racing people..  get used to it."




Photo by Ben Arboleda.    Marcel got the nickname "Elbowz" from the OMRRA corner workers in September 2010.


Irnie riding Holmberg's 750 in the dry for the first time.


Irnie does the "leg dangle" while hard on the front brakes entering turn 1.


Awesome photo by Mr. Phillips.    Rothenburger follows Irnie very closely waiting to strike like a Tiger


Great face shot by Ryan Philips


Bob Edwards caught Irnie dangling...


Photo by Ryan Phillips       Turn 3.         Full Moon Party tongiht!   Watch the video!


Photo by Ryan Phillips       Wheeling out of 4.    OMRRA enjoys wheelies..  WMRRA not so much.


Photo by Ryan Phillips        .. Great photo! .   thx you!


Photo by Bob Edwards at PIR, OMRRA rd 2.


Great race capture by Bob Edwards


Marcel Irnie finally finished video editing once again. An epic long process it is.   OMRRA Rd 2: Oregano


Irnie and Holmberg standing around.


We love all motorcycles at team IrnieRacing.


Nels from tuning the IrnieRacing Gsxr-750


Holmberg lowsides, with the swingarm GoPro capturing what follows.


Holmberg lowsides in turn 4, at Pacific Raceway.  Tank camera captures the rest.  See video!


My Teammate Holmberg's gsxr 750.  She was minty in this picture.


Irnie self portrait infront of the new Impact Canopy tent.


 The 05 race bike ready for action.  WMRRA Rd 1.


Wheeling out of the bus stop at Pacific Raceways.  Kent WA.         A Bob Edwards photo.


Knee down corner 7, i think..     Photo by Bob Edwards


WMRRA Rd 1, No Brakes Crash, Highside photo by Darren Beatty.


WMRRA Rd 1, No Brakes Crash, Onboard camera photo.   See Youtube video interview.


Irnieracing welcomes Impact Canopy to the team.   Best product around, as you can plainly see!    Survived the storm no problemo.


Sport Rider Magazine, AMSOIL Publication, April 2011.    Irnie doing a smoke show at 2010 Center of Gravity Festival.  See a video or two.   COG part 1, COG part 2



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