"Another cool video Marcel! nice that you caught that little off track incident." Klemmer, "haha yah..great capture. You just missed the air-fence ehh? Irnie, "Yep. About a foot off the airfence..Big oh sh*t moment for me. :)"


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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 01:57
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IrnieRacing's Superbike Racer/Photographer/Video Producer, Marcel Irnie created a large photo album from the 2011 Center of Gravity.

COG 2011 Photo Album 

Samantha makes this uncompetitive bike look fast...  very fast!

Ashley shows us why Kelowna is the best place in Canada.   "The California of Canada!"  I always say.

The Steve Romaniuk COG Dirt Zone is
Off The Grid! 

Did I mention... COG has all the beautiful woman

It's my birthday!     July 31

Sarah takes a photo of Troy fanning his hat to clear smoke, so Marcel can read the temp guage.  lol

Beautiful girls dancing in the Okanagan Lake

Cuties on the ol' racebike

Matching sunnies  ;)

sandy beaches don't get any better

Everyone loves volleyball!

don't loose your phone!

The next Stoner?

COG Sunday Irnieracing Promotional Show

Dance Party at COG always!

so cute!.    :p

Alana hiding behind the Italian Leather (Falco)

Dirtbike chick loves the camera.

Nice pose girls!  

this girl reminds me of Aladin.    great SNES vid game too.

Kelowna girls are the best.     Continue onto page two~

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