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Saturday, 28 April 2012 23:45

Irnieracing 360photography Desktop Background.  right click -save as

1920x1080 Irnieracing 360photography Desktop Background.  right click -save as


Amazing capture by Bob Edwards.  Turn two at Portland International raceway.


Exiting PIR turn 3 before braking hard into turn 4.   170kmph captured.


Close racing into turn one, lap one, OMRRA October 6, 2012.


Time for a shortcut


170kmph    haha jk


Turn two is slick with slicks


Portland Backstraight


Bob Edwards capture onto backstraight at PIR


Bob Edwards Photography, PIR Turn 3, Oct 2012


already caught back up..  lol


 gotta keep moving up the line.


on last lap, chasing Tony Porter for 4th..  after going off track twice!


I got him.


Photo by J. R. Walker    Mosport Raceway


J.R. Walker photographer, Mosport International Raceway, Canadian Superbike Championship.


a long day at the office


Jason Williams, Ron Irnie, and Pilot Marcel


got rear ended in Mosport Morning Practice.


Scott says sorry.   Irnie says.. no worries.. shit happens.


187km turn two Mosport Raceway.


Body sliding.. the new way forward


Mont Tremblant capture.  


The gang at Mont Tremblant, Quebec.


Photo by Vicki Schoutan,  Mont Tremblant


Shannonville Raceway, Canadian Superbike 2012 Round One.


love to ride


uberbike art..   what do you see?


Thunderhill Raceway, Willows California..    This track is a rollercoaster..    uberfun


stunning photo by Ryan Phillips.   Portland International raceway turn 3.   lovin life..  i want more... Cali is next yo!  1500x1024


Right Click Save As to Download Desktop Background of the week  1600x1200.    Photo by Ryan Phillips


wheelie zoom zoom


Doing the dangle into turn five at PIR.


uberbike t1000



Exiting turn 9 at PIR onto the front straight.  A bumby sideways exit across the drag strip.  Best on the rear tire only.


The Stig.  


great capture Bob!   Turn 3 PIR.


side by side..   who is passing whom? 


ahhh..  I see.  speed blur.    Photo by Bob Edwards


Desktop Background #2 1600x1024 April 2012.   Photo by Ryan Phillips.. da man at 360 photography. 


Josh and Marcel battle for first in 750 Senior.      Good timez living the old life.


Wheelie to Dangle.. only way to ride


Pinkstaff and Irnie in morning practice.   fun fun


Playing with Photoshop


Andrew Rogers getting a track lession from Irnie at PIR. April 2012


Desktop background #3.  1500x1024     Elbow room anyone?


support those who support the sport:,,,, AMSOIL Synthetics,,,, Moto-d tirewarmers, GoPro Hero, Dave Alexander engine builder and electronics specialist.


Elbow down continued.    Photos by Ryan Phillips


good old wheelies live on


short dangle into corner 9.  To the front straight!


power wheelie front straight in wet


 racing and riding


mowin the lawn with knee puck


playing in the rain with uber bike t1000


Dave Alexander built zx6rr finds the track once again.  she lives!


great photo Bob.. look at the speed!


hard on the brakes highspeed capture by Bob Edwards


This is the maximum amound of braking position in a straight line.  Any more pressure, and the bike will endo over...any less, and your braking too early.


Ingo and Dawnette are getting married.   see next photo!


Congrats Ingo + Dawnette.    I've never seen a wedding at the racetrack before.  brilliant!  


It's offically put on paper..      Notice Bob Edwards photographer of many great photos in background.  :)  


a respectable pit I would say.   Decent...


It's the morning.   


going out... last call!


working into the night, while everyone else is partying in the pits.    This is what it takes to be a professional.  ;)


This is what it takes to be a privateer racer. haha   Rogers weathers the elements.


early mornings are tough.    Good thing it's all for fun  :p


Here is the man.. Ryan Phillips in person, rocking his Irnie Racing American Apparel t-shirt.     Thx for all the support bud.


Andrew hanging with fellow racers.   Everyone loves to moto.



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