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Friday, 01 January 2010 14:36

Photo by

Advanced Motorcycle Gear Roadracing World add (April 2011 issue), created by


World Gym Kelowna Banner created by Tara Simpson.


Photo by: Darren Beatty

Turn 3 at Pacific Raceway.  

Photo by

Irnie at Portland International Raceway, October 2010.  "Rain racing with OMRRA"

Photo by Mathieu Irnie

Center of Gravity 2010.  IrnieRacing Superbike Demo... "a la burnout"


Photo by Marcel Irnie

Prepping the race bikes.


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Testing suspension adjustments before the race. 

This photo was taken at Pacific Raceway WA, turn one.  All three riders are at maxiumum throttle in 6th gear mid corner, at around 275kmph.


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Practicing at PIR riding Seattle Tool / Falco 2005 zx6rr.


Marcel passes Oliver Jervis in 600 superbike for the lead.  Outside of turn 9.


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Marcel runs wide after passing Mark Degross and Oliver Jervis for the lead in corner 4.   Portland International Raceway


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Marcel crashes out of the lead in 750 Superbike with his  AMSOIL 2008 zx6r.   So close to winning.. maybe next time.


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Sliding is in style..  lol


Tail camera captures Marcel's slide from a unique perspective.  Kevin Pinkstaff zooms by for the win...  Doh!


Marcel slides to his feet as he watches his 08zx flip in the dirt.


Photo By: Matthew Eaton

Marcel pushes his bike off the track, following turn 4 lowside at PIR.  (Marcel's second crash of the year)


Photo by

Marcel racing his 2005 zx6rr at Pacific Raceway, for Rd. 2 of the WMRRA.   Running three gopro cameras, marcel creates his unique moto gp vids.  


Photo by AMSOIL 2005 zx-6rr at Pacific Raceway in Seattle Washington. The first race weekend of 2010 for Team  Racing in 750 Supersport, Marcel Irnie finished 4th,  Marcel's best finish to date, racing with the Pros in Washington and Oregon.


 Photo by

Marcel Irnie riding his AMSOIL 2008 zx6-r rain bike for his first trackday of 2010.  Notice Marcel's GoPro HD face camera.  The footage is amazing, and is now available.


Marcel Irnie races at Mosport International Raceway, in the Canadian Superbike National Championship.  GoPro Tail forward camera.


Marcel lowsides his newly painted 2005zx-6rr at 120kmph in 600 supersport.   Pictures from Marcel's onboard GoPro HD Hero Video Footage



Too low for comfort!



I don't want to let go... But I have too....   I love that bike  :(



Oh shit... here comes the rock gravel!   Say goodbye to my brand new paint job by Jeff at Muller Motorsports.



.... Marcel watches the action unfold, as he slides over 100kmph.



She digs in hard, sending rocks flying as Marcel closely follows.



Ouch!... Marcel is hit in the face by a large rock, cracking his face shield.



Marcel tumbles end over end, as the rock gravel slows him down.


Photo by

An external photo Chris Appel shows the devistation from lowsiding into a gravel trap over 100kmph.


Limbs going in all directions.



Marcel's helmet smacks the ground as he summersaults like a rag doll.


Photo by

Marcel takes in the sights, after surviving his scariest crash to date.   It took Marcel half a year to get his laptimes back down after this incident.  "Crashing really affects the mind!" 


Marcel Irnie is so dissapointed.   :( 


Bodywork $600, Paint $200, Titanium Prototype Japanese Factory Superbike muffler... Priceless


Photo by



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